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Zheng Gu Shui 正骨水

Part Number NL-1051D
Zheng Gu Shui 正骨水
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3.4 oz Bottle [+$3.64]
2.0 oz Spray
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Zheng Gu Shui

For temporary relief of minor aches and pains of muscles and joints due to: simple backache, arthritis, strains, bruises, sprains.

5.6% Camphor, 5.6% Menthol.

Alcohol, Xu Chang Qing, Liang Mian Zhen, Hu Zhang, Water, E Zhu.

  • Adults and children 2 years of age and older: apply a few drops to affected area and rub gently not more than 3-4 times daily.
  • Children under 2 years of age: do not use, consult a physician.
  • Do not use: on wounds, on irritated or damaged skin.
  • If pregnant or breast-feeding, ask a doctor before use. 
  • 3.4 oz/Bottle 
  • 2.0 oz/Spray Bottle

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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正骨水 (外用

  • 舒筋、活血、消瘀、止痛。
  • 一般腰背痛,關節炎,損傷,瘀傷,扭傷。
  • 跌打腫痛,腰酸背痛,筋絡抽縮等。

  • 5.6% 樟腦通竅辟穢,溫中止痛,利濕殺蟲。用於寒濕腹瀉,胃腹疼痛;外用治疥、癬、齲齒作痛
  • 5.6% 薄荷腦:芳香藥、調味藥及驅風藥。可用於皮膚或粘膜產生清涼感以減輕不適宜,主疼痛
  • 徐長卿祛風化濕,止痛止癢。用於風濕痺痛,胃痛脹滿,牙痛,腰痛,跌撲損傷,蕁麻疹、濕疹
  • 兩面針:行氣止痛,活血化瘀,祛風通絡。用於氣滯血瘀引起的跌打損傷、風濕痺痛、胃痛、牙痛,毒蛇咬傷;外治湯火燙傷。
  • 虎杖:祛風利濕,散瘀定痛,止咳化痰。用於關節痺痛,濕熱黃疸,經閉,癥瘕,水火燙傷,跌撲損傷,癰腫瘡毒,咳嗽痰多。
  • 莪術:行氣破血,消積止痛。用於燀瘕痞塊,瘀血經閉,食積脹痛。

  • 3.4 盎司/瓶
  • 2.0 盎司/噴劑
    找出患處最痛之痛點。塗上 2-3 滴油於痛點上,用拇指尖在痛處點上按壓 15-20 分鐘,力度由輕至重,以患者不過度痛楚為宜。每天按壓 3-5 次,直至痊癒。
    • 2 歲以下兒童請勿使用或請先諮詢醫生。
    • 皮膚破損、骨折、或對本品過敏者忌用。
    • 孕婦或哺乳期婦女,使用前請教醫生。
      • 這些聲明尚未得到美國食品和藥物管理局的評估。本產品不用於診斷,治療,治愈或預防任何疾病。他們不是要取代你的醫生的意見。

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