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Tian Ma (5:1/100g) 天麻
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Tian Ma Du Zhong Pian 天麻杜仲片

Part Number NL-6T03
Tian Ma Du Zhong Pian 天麻杜仲片
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Rhizoma Gastrodiae (tian ma)
Radix Aconiti Lateralis Preparata (zhi fu zi) 
Rhizoma Curcumae Longae (pian jiang huang) 
Cortex Eucommiae (yan du zhong) 
Radix Aconiti Kusnezoffii Preparata (zhi cao wu)
Rhizoma Seu Radix Notopterygii (qiang huo) 
Radix Angelicae Pubescentis (du huo) 
Radix Angelicae Sinensis (dang gui) 
Radix Rehmanniae (sheng di huang) 
Taxillus Chinensis (sang ji sheng)
Radix Achyranthis Bidentatae (chuan niu xi) 
Radix Salviae Miltiorrhizae (dan shen)
Radix Gentianae Macrophyllaen (qin jiao)

Clinical application for reference: 
1. Rheumatic arthritis 
2. Rheumatoid arthritis 
3. Cervical spondylopathy 
4. Lumbago andscelagia 
5. Gout 
6. Scapulohumeral periarthritis 
7. Intractable headache 
8. Hemiplegia

6 pills or tablets each time and 2-3 times daily or consult with your health care practitioner.

0.2g x 200 pills or tablets per bottle

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

This item is for licensed Healthcare practitioners ONLY. For practitioner's and wholesale accounts, please login for wholesale price.

天麻杜仲丸/ 片

成份: 天麻,制附子,片姜黃,鹽杜仲,制草烏,羌活,獨活,當歸,生地黃,桑寄生,川牛膝,丹參,秦艽

TCM 藥理: 補肝腎,強筋骨,祛風除濕,止痹痛。

適用於: 風濕痹痛,項背拘急,舉動艱難等症

  • 風濕性關節炎
  • 類風濕性關節炎
  • 頸椎痛
  • 腰腿痛
  • 痛風
  • 肩周炎
  • 頑固性頭痛
  • 半身不遂
藥理研究: 【羌活】對皮膚真菌,抑止作用。
包裝: 0.2g x 200顆/每瓶

用法用量: 每次用溫水服用6顆,每日2-3次;或遵醫囑。


本產品僅限於持有美國執照之專業醫師使用。一般消費者請於 www.greenincusa.com 網站瀏覽相關產品,謝謝。

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