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Tea for Liver & Eyes (24 tea bags) 清肝明目茶

Part Number NL-1817
Tea for Liver & Eyes (24 tea bags) 清肝明目茶
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Tea for Liver & Eyes

Improves liver function & clears liver heat and suitable for long-term eye overuse, eye fatigue and other symptoms.

Gou Ji Zi, Ju Hua, Bai Mao Gen

5.0g x 24 tea bags/box

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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  • 清肝熱化鬱火,提升肝臟解毒代謝功能,緩和因肝熱引起的眼部疾患與不適,如目赤腫痛, 乾澀...
  • 並適用於長期用眼過度, 眼部易疲勞酸澀等症狀。
  • 美國製造,100% 純天然草本配方,安全可靠。

100% 純天然草本配方:

  • 枸杞子:含有豐富的胡蘿蔔素、多種維生素和鈣、鐵等健康眼睛的必需營養物質,故有明目之功,俗稱“明眼子”。歷代醫家治療肝血不足、腎陰虧虛引起的視物昏化和夜盲症。
  • 菊花:散風清熱,平肝明目。用於風熱感冒,頭痛眩暈,目赤腫痛,眼目昏花。
  • 白茅根:涼血止血,清熱利尿。用於血熱吐血,衄血,尿血,熱病煩渴,黃疸,水腫,熱淋澀痛;急性腎炎水腫。


5.0 克 x 24 包/盒

每次一袋,每天一次。開水沖泡3 — 10分鐘。趁熱飲用。可反复沖泡。


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