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Super Rocket II (Box) 神箭 II (盒)

Part Number NL-1010B2
Super Rocket II (Box) 神箭 II (盒)
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Super Rocket II

The history of Traditional Chinese Medicine research on sexology can be traced back to more than two thousand years ago, and Chinese herbs have long been used for sexual problems. TCM theory believes that the harmony of Ying and Yang energy is the foundation of a person's overall health. Super Rocket II is an all natural herb formula to improve sexual well being. 

Made from top quality ingredients, Super Rocket II focuses on nourishing the spleen and the kidneys, adjusting endocrine, soothing the nerves, and promoting blood circulation. 

Taken two hours before activity, Super Rocket II can boost sexual performance, extend stamina and increase satisfaction; taken regularly, Super Rocket II can increase desire, lower anxiety, and improve overall sexual energy. Super Rocket II is suitable and effective for both men and women. 

Shan Zhu Yu (Cornus officinalis), Feng Hua Fen (Bee pollen), Ren Shen (Panax ginseng), Shan Yao (Dioscorea opposita), Fu Ling (Wolfiporia cocos), Bai He (Lilium brownii)

  • For immediate performance boost, take 1 capsule 2 hours before activity with a glass of warm water. 
  • For long term benefit, take 1 capsule every day at night with a glass of warm water. 

500 mg/1 capsule/packet x 6 capsules/box

  • For adults over 21 years of age only. 
  • Not for pregnant or nursing women. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

For practitioner's and wholesaler's accounts, please login to your accounts for wholesale price.

神箭 II


100% 純天然草本配方:

  • 山茱萸補益肝腎;收斂固脫。主腰頭暈目眩;耳聾耳鳴;腰膝酸軟;躚精滑精;小便頻數;虛汗不止;婦女崩漏
  • 蜂花粉心腹脹熱邪氣,利小便,消瘀血、久服輕身、益氣、延年,特別是治療男性前列腺炎、前列腺肥大有明顯的療效
  • 人參大補元氣,固脫生津,安神。治勞傷虛損,食少,倦怠,反胃吐食,大便滑洩,虛咳喘促,自汗暴脫,驚悸,健忘,眩暈頭痛,陽痿,尿頻,消渴,婦女崩漏,小兒慢驚,及久虛不復,一切氣血津液不足之證
  • 山藥健脾止瀉,補肺益腎。脾虛久瀉,慢性腸炎,肺虛喘咳,慢性腎炎,糖尿病,遺精,遺尿,白帶
  • 茯苓: 滲濕利水;健脾和胃;寧心安神。主小便不利;水腫脹滿;痰飲欬逆;嘔吐;脾虛食少;泄瀉;心悸不安;失眠健忘;遺精白濁
  • 百合養陰潤肺;清心安神。主陰虛久嗽;痰中帶血;熱病後期;餘熱未清,或情志不遂所致的虛煩驚悸、失眠多夢、精神恍惚;癰腫;濕瘡
500 毫克/粒膠囊 x 6 膠囊/盒

  • 對於直接的性能力提升,每次1粒於活動前2小時以一杯溫水送服。
  • 對於長期利益,每天一次,每次一粒,於睡前2小時服用。連續服用 1-2 週 (7-14粒) 及以上,有助於煥發青春活力。
    • 只適用於21歲以上的成年男女。
    • 懷孕或哺乳婦女禁用。

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