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Prime J-Type Acu Needles 100 日式針灸針 Prime J-Type Acu Needles 100 日式針灸針
more details
Seirin Japanese Needles (100) 日式針灸針
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J-Type Acu Needles

Federal Law restricts the acupuncture needles to use by or on the order of qualified practitioners of acupuncture as determined by the states. 

If you are a new customer, please provide us your practitioner's license number (if you are a medical student, please call us at 1-866-224-8326 for more info) in the common box when you check out; otherwise, your order will be cancelled. Please contact your local related department for more information.

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Prime J-Type Acu Needles 100 日式針灸針
Prime J-Type Acu Needles 100 日式針灸針
Your Price: $7.50
On sale: $5.00  
Seirin Japanese Needles (100) 日式針灸針
Seirin Japanese Needles (100) 日式針灸針
Your Price: $11.00
On sale: $10.80  
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