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Zi Cao; Arnemia Root; Radix Arnebiae (5:1/40 bags) 紫草
Zhi Zi; Gardenia Fruit; Fructus Gardeniae (5:1/40 bags) 梔子
Zhi Qiao (Fu Chao); Prepared Bitter Orange; Fructus Aurantii Preparata (5:1/40 bags) 麩炒枳殼
Zhe Shi (Duan); Prepared Hematite; Haematitum Preparata (5:1/40 bags) 煅赭石
Ze Xie; Alisma Rhizome; Rhizoma Alismatis (5:1/40 bags) 澤瀉
Yu Xing Cao; Houttuynia Herb; Herba Houttuyniae (5:1/40 bags) 魚腥草
Yu Li Ren; Bush Cherry Kernel; Semen Pruni (5:1/40 bags) 郁李仁
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Gua Sha Oil (2 bottles)- for External only 樂康刮痧油

Part Number NL-1055B
Gua Sha Oil (2 bottles)- for External only 樂康刮痧油
Gua Sha Oil (2 bottles)- for External only 樂康刮痧油
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Gua Sha Oil (Warming) for external use only

100% all natural herbal formula for reducing swellings, relieving pain, minor injury, blood stasis, and rheumatic pain, etc.

Tao Ren, Hong Hua, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Chi Shao, Da Huang, Bo He, Gan Cao.

  • Apply on a pain area. 
  • 3-4 times daily for adults. 
  • Ask a doctor before use if you have sensitive skin, pregnant or plan to use this on any child under 18 of age.
4 oz/Bottle x 2 Bottles

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

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樂康刮痧油 (外用/兩瓶)

  • 舒筋、活血、消瘀、止痛。
  • 一般腰背痛,關節炎,損傷,瘀傷,扭傷。

  • 桃仁活血祛瘀,潤腸通便。用於經閉,痛經,癓瘕痞塊,跌撲損傷,腸燥便秘
  • 紅花活血通經,散瘀止痛。用於經閉,痛經,惡露不行,癥瘕痞塊,跌撲損傷,瘡瘍腫痛。
  • 乳香活血止痛。用於心腹諸痛,筋脈拘攣,跌打損傷,瘡癰腫痛;外用消腫生肌。
  • 沒藥散瘀止痛,外用消腫生肌。用於跌打淤血腫痛,癰疽腫痛,胸腹諸痛;外用治瘡口久不收斂
  • 赤芍清熱涼血,散瘀止痛。用於溫毒發斑,吐血衄血,目赤腫痛,肝鬱脅痛,經閉痛經,癥瘕腹痛,跌撲損傷,癰腫瘡瘍。
  • 大黃瀉熱通腸,涼血解毒,逐瘀通經。用於實熱便秘,積滯腹痛,瀉痢不爽,濕熱黃疸,血熱吐衄,目赤,咽腫,腸癰腹痛,癰腫疔瘡,瘀血經閉,跌打損傷,外治水火燙傷;上消化道出血。酒大黃善清上焦血分熱毒。用於目赤咽腫,齒齦腫痛。熟大黃瀉下力緩,瀉火解毒。用於火毒瘡瘍。大黃炭涼血化瘀止血。用於血熱有瘀出血症。
  • 薄荷宣散風熱。清頭目,透疹。用於風熱感冒,風溫初起,頭痛,目赤,喉痺,口瘡,風疹,麻疹,胸脅脹悶。
  • 甘草補脾益氣,清熱解毒,祛痰止咳,緩急止痛,調和諸藥。用於脾胃虛弱,倦怠乏力,心悸氣短,咳嗽痰多,脘腹、四肢攣急疼痛,癰腫瘡毒,緩解藥物毒性、烈性。
4 盎司/瓶 x 2 瓶
    成人及18歲以上:塗抹於患處,塗抹後,須多加推摩,更易收效。一天 3 ~ 4 次。
    • 皮膚破損、骨折、或對本品過敏者忌用。
    • 孕婦或哺乳期婦女,使用前請教醫生。
      • 這些聲明尚未得到美國食品和藥物管理局的評估。本產品不用於診斷,治療,治愈或預防任何疾病。他們不是要取代你的醫生的意見。

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