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FlexiPac Hot & Cold Compress 熱/冰敷袋

Part Number MF-1001
FlexiPac Hot & Cold Compress 熱/冰敷袋
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FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compress
  • Hot and Cold Therapy Made Easy! 
  • These compact, reusable FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compresses conform to any body contour at any temperature. 
  • Easy to use, simply Microwave for soothing heat therapy or store in the freezer for penetrating cold therapy. 
  • Have extras on hand for continuous Hot and Cold Therapy, when one cools or warms, have another ready to go. 
  • FlexiPac will stay flexible whether providing hot or cold therapy. 
  • The FlexiPac Hot and Cold Compresses are great for work or play. 
  • They are compact and fits easily into your briefcase, gym bag, purse or back pack. Keep one on hand in the office, kitchen and first-aid kit.  

  • Cold therapy is proven to be safe and effective at reducing swelling, relieving pain and decreasing muscle spasms, cold therapy is an easy self-care technique that anyone can administer. 
  • Cold therapy should always be used as soon as possible after an injury occurs and continued for the following 48 hours at 15 to 20 minute intervals or as advised by a medical professional.  

After an injury, blood vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrients to cells are damaged and cannot remove waste. The cells around the injury increase their metabolism in an effort to consume more oxygen. When all of the oxygen is used up, the cells die. Blood cells and fluid seep into spaces around the muscle, resulting in swelling and bruising. When cold therapy is applied, it lowers the temperature of the damaged tissue and constricts local blood vessels. This slows metabolism and the consumption of oxygen, therefore reducing the rate of cell damage and decreasing fluid build-up. Cold therapy can also numb nerve endings and help reduce pain.  

  • Heat can reduce muscle spasms, reduce joint stiffness, and make soft tissue more limber. 
  • Heat can be used to help loosen tight muscles and joints during a warm-up period before exercise. For example, you may put moist hot packs on tight leg muscles before running, on your shoulder before throwing, or on tight neck or back muscles.  

Use heat for stiff muscles and joints when you are trying to make them more limber. Most therapists and doctors advise not to use heat right after an injury or while your injury has any swelling, as this will have the opposite effect of an cold therapy. Heat increases blood flow and relaxes muscles. It's good for easing tight muscles, but will only increase the pain and swelling of an injury by increasing blood flow to the injured area.

  • Stays flexible whether providing hot or cold therapy
  • Reusable 
These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. They are not to replace the advice of your physicians.

For practitioner's and wholesaler's accounts, please login to your accounts for wholesale price.

FlexiPac 冷/敷袋

  • 輕鬆做冷/熱敷療法!
  • FlexiPac冷/熱敷袋尺寸適中,可重複使用並符合任何身體輪廓
  • 易於使用,只需放入微波爐稍微加熱做熱療或存放在冰箱中做為冷敷用。
  • 可存放多個FlexiPac冷/熱敷袋作為備用,當一個不符合您的溫度時,還有另一個作為備用。
  • FlexiPac冷/熱敷袋便於收藏,可輕鬆放入公文包,運動包,錢包或背包。還可保留一個在辦公室,廚房和急救包中。

  • 冷敷是一種簡單、安全、有效的自我保健技術,他是作用於減少腫脹,減輕疼痛和減少肌肉痙攣的一種療法。
  • 應該在受傷後的短時間內做冷敷,一次15至20分鐘重複多次做冷敷,約48小時。


  • 熱敷能減少肌肉痙攣,減輕關節僵硬,使軟組織更靈活。
  • 可以用來幫助在運動前的熱身時間放鬆肌肉和關節。例如,你可以把腿部肌肉放鬆,或頸部、背部和肩膀的肌肉和神經放鬆。


FLEXIPAC 冷熱敷袋的特點:
  • 保持溫度靈活的提供您所需要的冷/熱敷溫度。
  • 可重複使用。

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